Dreamcatcher with Turquoise stones


Dreamcatcher with Turquoise stones


Material: wood, macramé; semi precious Turquoise stones

Properties of the Turquoise stone:

Turquoise  is a stone of wholeness and the unity of all creation.  It is known as a stone of vision, integration and clarity.
Turquoise is sacred in both the Native American and Eastern/Oriental cultures. It is called the “Sky Stone” uniting the Heavens and the Earth. It is very powerful for grounding and protection, and is reputed to change colors when danger is near the wearer. Turquoise has long been used to promote honest and clear communication, directly from the heart. It enhances the mind-heart connection and is thought to be a stone of great luck and abundance.
In Crystal Healing, Turquoise is use to speed the healing processes, therefore is is considered a Master Healing stone. It is associated with the heart, throat and third eye chakras.

It used to be THE protective stone of the Inkas.

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