Our Tours in Peru


With our tours we offer you the opportunity to get to know the surroundings of Cusco as well as the Sacred Valley of Peru and its treasures in a completely different and unique way.

My husband Iwa comes from a Quechua-speaking indigenous community. As a mountain guide, musician and artist, it is his passion to share his wisdom and the knowledge of his ancestors with curious and interested people.
During his one-day or multi-day tours, he would be delighted to share with you an authentic experience through rites, with anzestral music and through the connection with the elements of nature.

Here we list some of our highlights, we will be happy to send you more detailed information:

Tour 1 (1/2 day): A hike along the Willkamayu (Sacred river) with sacred cacao ceremony

In the morning we start our hike in beautiful nature with magnificent views of the mountains along a magical river near Urubamba. In a very special place we will enjoy a cacao ceremony accompanied by anzestral music from the Andes. The music allows you to connect with the surrounding nature as well as with your inner world in a very special way. Sacred cacao medicine calms the mind, opens the heart, offers the possibility of self-reflection and connection with the inner child.

Tour 2 (1 day): A hike along the Willkamayu to anzestral ruins

This hike starts like the first tour, but we will continue hiking to an altitude of almost 3400m to visit sacred ancient ruins. The views of the mountains and the Sacred Valley are spectacular. Sometimes we meet locals along the way with their llamas and donkeys. Arriving, we will enjoy a typical Andine lunch. Afterwards you have the opportunity to paricipate in a ritual of fire to connect with the place and its wisdom.

Tour 3 (1 day): The mystical Temple of the Moon Killarumiyuq

This tour takes us to a very special archaeological site of the pre-Columbian period, near Anta. This temple has been a very important place to connect with Willka Killa, Sacred Mother Moon. For the people of the Andes, Mother Moon offers the bridge to our female energy (i.e. our intuition, feeling, silence, transformation, play). Through ceremonial rites, they received and continue to receive valuable Messages, when they are ready to open their minds and hearts. We would also like to offer you this opportunity.

Furthermore we invite you to participate in a cleansing and healing water ritual, accompanied by anzestral music from the Andes.

If you are interested, you can intensify your connection by adding a very special sacred cacao ceremony to connect with your own female and masculine side, to understand them and to transform a possible imbalance.

We leave Urubamba at 9 am by private transport to reach the place at 10.30 am and we will be back in Urubamba at 5 pm.

Tour 4 (1/2 Tag): A magical ancestral cave

Hidden between magical mountains, great masters built a powerful place for initiations and rites. We will connect with his magic and his powers. We will also do a little ritual, accompanied by ancestral music. At the end we visit a typical Peruvian village where you can taste the sacred drink of our ancestors and the Incas (akha).

Tour 5 (1 Tag): A hike to the Perolniyoq waterfall and its temple

The Incas built a temple abov a magnificent waterfall amidst mighty sacred mountains that we will explore during our hike near Urubamba. We will also feel the healing and cleansing connection with the water of this impressive waterfall in this beautiful place.

This hike starts at 8 a.m. and ends at 5 p.m.

Tour 6 (1,5 Tage): The healing thermal springs of Lares

Around noon we leave Urubamba to travel through the breathtaking mountains of the Andes to the hot springs of Lares , which have a reputation for being very healing and cleansing. On the way we will visit a very interesting archaeological site of a pre-Inca period.
We will spend the night in a hostel by the hot springs to enjoy its differently tempered pools under the stars. The following afternoon we will return to Urubamba, on the way back you can expect some natural wonders that we will enjoy and the visit of an indigenous community where we can observe the production of traditional Andean textiles.

We also combine our tours with Wonderful sacred cacao ceremonies with medicinal cocoa.

During your stay in Peru, you are also welcome to book healing sessions or sessions for intuitive animal communication with us.

Please check also our shop for Iwa´s unique creations in macramé jewellery, designed with semi-precious stones, all made with love and sacred Andean connection.