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Katja Wostradowski

Tel. Peru: (+51) 935 910 452
Tel. US: (424) 570-1010

Email: info@intuitivekatja.com

How to get to my consultory - below

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Illa Wasi, Catán, Urubamba, Perú

How to get there:
When arriving at the bus station you can take a mototaxi which will charge you around 3 Soles. Tell them, to go passed Hostel Samana Wasi and 10 more meters. Walking it will take you about 15 min. passing the church of Torrechayoq you keep going straight on until you reach Hostel Samana Wasi. Keep going another few meters until you see a tiny shop on your left and a small path turning left. Follow this path for a minute and you reach a big green gate. Knock loud on the door as our property is big. I look forward to meeting you.

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