Coaching program

Journeying with my Spiritual Companion


Are you ready to create your life as you want it to be? Do you want to change certain negative behaviour or thought patterns that are occurring over and over again? Journeying with your Spritual Companion is a powerful transformational coaching program based on your individual needs with the help of your beloved pet.

Imagine, your beloved dog lets you know through his agressive beahviour that you need to learn to say NO in order for you take better care of yourself. Or your cat told you, that it is finally time to be and act more confident in your job by also being insecure.

You realize the truth behind the received information, but what now? It seems so challenging and difficult, maybe even impossible to move out of your old behaviour and thought patterns, which have determined your life until now.

If you feel this way, then this coaching program is exactly what you need!

During this powerful and transformational journey we will work intensively with your animal companion to explore the in depth spiritual messages and soul level healing he/ she wants YOU to experience through the relationship with you in order to make you feel more loved, secure and protected in the world, to feel worthy, free and whole.
Through personalized coaching sessions over an extended period of time accompanied by (distance) healing sessions to support your process, I will totally support you to make the necessary shifts, so that you can start to live your life brilliantly.

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