Today I decided

Today I stopped running.

Today I stopped chasing.

Today I stopped controlling.

Today I looked at my life and realized the abundance around me and within me.

Today I decided to be entirely in GRATITUDE for my life with all its lessons – in light and darkness.

I am thankful for every person and being, that I have been able to meet and to share moments, hours or years with – angels or but angels (as Robert Betz used to say).

I feel pure gratitude for each and every place and situation, that I have been able to experience.

Everyone and everything took me to where I am and what I am now.

And I am proud of what I see. I am PERFECT as we all are, but I am also human, continuously walking a life path towards light and unconditional love.

I recognize my shadows: new shadows as well as old ones. Negative thought patterns and subsequent negative behaviours and actions who keep reappearing.

I embrace them, I give GRATITUDE to each one of them, permitting them their necessary space without putting a story behind them anymore – I consciously make that choice NOW.

In their embrace I decide to LET GO of them, to TRANSCEND them, because they don’t serve me any more on my life path.

And I emerge myself in the feeling of complete TRUST in divine perfection.

I bless myself, my life and everyone and everything around me.


Riding new waves

Meet your power animal

I have not been writing in a while although I have not been short of topics that I had wanted to share with you. Firstly, motherhood has changed my life completely. Priorities have changed and I feel that my little one not only asks me, but even more forces me, to be in the present moment, to live the present here and now – and for me that means spending many moments of joy and happiness together – at home and in nature. And it feels wonderful. Believe it or not, it took quite a while not to feel guilty of not creating, working and thinking all the time, but I am – hopefully - finally shifting out the negative thought pattern, that I NEED to work and create to feel worthy and good enough. And motherhood is a full-time job (although I don´t want to call it that way, because the word job doesn’t always have the most pleasant connotation for me personally).

Iwa Wasi

Secondly, and this is really exciting, I realized once I started changing my thought pattern – that I was creating something I had never expected: Slowly but with love and from our hearts we, as a family, started opening up our home as a small Cultural and Healing Centre: Iwa Wasi – Chaupi Tinkuy. And it feels magical! We are creating a space for people to come together to enjoy music and art, especially connecting to the Andean wisdom from the heart. Not out of books but through a living experience. Additionally, we are creating workshops for Soul Level Animal Communication, Power Animal journeys and I can´t wait to finally announce the first retreats, which we will start hosting in 2019.

This is why I have not been so present writing, but if you are interested and curious, check out our new Facebook site: And - our new website will also be online soon: I will keep you posted.

Cultura Andina

For now I am sending you much love, many blessings and until very soon.

Feeling gratitude

Feeling gratitude

I have moved to Peru after having spent nearly 8 years in Bolivia, a place which leaves you breathless with its spectacular mountains of the Andes, thick jungle, desert, the biggest saltflats in Uyuni and lots of farmland. It is a very indigenous country and is still struggling to overcome its challenging history since the colonization by the Spaniards, followed by corrupt dictatorships, including racism and repression.

And one can strongly feel these marks in the energy of the towns, cities and in its people, who are more introverted, shy and at times even submissive (especially in the Andes). Nevertheless, something gripped my gut so strongly when I arrived with a heavy tonsillitis by bus the first time

Time to say good bye – Puppy Soul contracts II

In my last blog entry had written about one of the soul contracts that my puppies have been practicing with me over the last few weeks. But there is more I would love to share. Since the beginning, the idea of being a second mum to puppies has been challenging to me. Not that I didn´t love the idea, but I live in Peru, where animals are very often not seen and treated the way most (let me plainly say) Westerners do.

What about boundaries?

9 weeks have passed since our puppies had been born and it has been one of the most exciting and magical times in my life. It has been a completely new experience for me to have a pregnant dog at home, watching her belly grow, playing less, then changing her general attitudes and giving birth unexpectedly one evening on our sofa.

Find out how things evolved and what the puppies taught me.


Happy Equinox - Blessed in, with and through life.

Happy Equinox - Blessed in, with and through life.

A couple of days ago was, 22 September – date for the Equinox, the start of spring time here in South America. I can notice already the cold disappearing, which I am so grateful for. J When connecting to the Equinox´s energy I felt the desire to reflect on what happened the last three months and where it has taken me until today. The journey was quite unexpected, but I guess it is always that way, once we let go of a mind-chosen path. Believe it or not, but my journey has taken me back to life.

Will the hero return home?

I had been wanting to write for the last couple of weeks, but somehow words didn´t flow to express what is currently going on inside me and in my life. But before leaving for the long awaited trip to Colombia this morning, I want to write down, maybe even more for myself, of what has changed during the last couple of months inside me.

What comes after freedom?

I have been diagnosed with three different kinds of parasites and a virus. As if one type of parasite wouldn´t be enough?! I have been living in South America for 8 years, I thought I had become pretty resistant to any dirty food or water. But at least I know now, why I feel so knocked out and in physical pain for weeks by now. And no medicine, neither alternative nor traditional helps so far.

Pachamama´s abundance

August is a very special month in the Andean world, it is time to give gratitude to our existence and all existence. It is time to honor and to connect to our inner selves and to all that is. Pachamama represents not only Mother Earth as many think, but Mama = mother and Pacha = time and space. So it is the totality of all, the cosmos, the here and now.

How did it affect me?

Can we love too much?

I am lying in bed with a strong flu and looking over to my growing family surrounding me, resting on the floor. For some people it might be strange to have their dogs living with them in their house, for me it has never been a question.

Anyways, I´d like to share with you that a few days ago I went out with friends for the day and left my dogs running happily and freely on our big property. When returning home I only found my two young dogs Lola and Chaska welcoming us, but not Killa and Inti

Ripe as an apple?

Ripe as an apple?

The wind is blowing strongly the last couple of days and I am observing the leaves flying in the wind, the air rushing vividly through the branches of our trees in the back garden. I am feeling very connected to them these days and wonder whether they are representing my inner landscape. It is Monday afternoon. Nobody arrived for my afternoon session on animal communication that I have advertised in different places.