animal communication

Do you wonder why your dog frequently jumps up on people or why your cat keeps scratching the furniture? Is your house full of ants and despite all efforts they don´t leave? YES, it happens for a reason.

All animals are beings of unconditional love in a physical body who have taken on the mission to teach and guide us to become better human beings. Therefore, every behaviour pattern and attitude of your animal or even an illness always holds powerful messages for you, which I will share with you during my intuitive connection with you and the animal.  

In our communication the animal will be able to explain why it acts a certain way and then we will discuss which steps to take so you can work towards a more harmonious and more profound relationship with your pet as well as living a more fulfilled and happier life.

I work with wild and domesticated animals. I can intuitively guide and support you with lost pets, animals that are on their way of transitioning as well as those who have crossed over.
I can help you find your power animal and how to work with it. 

We will work together via phone, Skype or in person. Everything is equally effective.

Cost: US$ 70 per 40-minute session
           US$ 100 per 60-minute session

Please scroll down to the bottom of this page for booking and cancelation policy.

animal Communication via Email

I also offer an intuitive communication between you and your animal via email. All I need is beforehand is the following information:

- your name
- the species of the animal
- name of the animal (if known)
- gender

- animal is alive / not alive

You can also ask one question. I restrict the number of questions because I want to give the animal the opportunity to give you as much information as possible. As they are divine beings, they know what is going on between you and them, and what is important for you to know in order to advance in your life.

I will respond to your email within 72 hours.  

Cost: I offer I pricing scale depending on your financial possibilities. 
          US$ 60

Power animal communication

For thousands of years wise men and women have been deeply connected to animals and their power. They knew not only how to interpret their messages but also how to integrate their powers into their life and into the life of others. It can be profoundly helpful on your life path to find out about your special animal guide(s), their specific messages for you and how to make the best use of the animals(s) wisdom in your life to help you heal, shift and grow.

We can work together via phone, Skype or in person. Everything is equally effective.

Cost: I offer I pricing scale depending on your financial possibilities. 
          US$ 50 per 30-minute session

General Info:
Sessions are scheduled in Eastern Time Zone. Skype will be used for all calls (only audio - no video), so please make sure you provide me with your Skype ID 48 hours prior to your session.

Once payment is received, a session will be booked for you as soon as possible.

To cancel or change an appointment

Clients who miss an appointment and/or are greater than 10 minutes late will forfeit their appointments and are charged the full fee for the service.

To change or cancel an existing appointment, please send an email to or call /Whatsapp (0051) 935 910 452. I have a strict 48 business-hour change policy. At that time, a session can be re-booked to a new date within 1 month of the first reservation providing you adhere to the 48 business hour change policy.  A session may not be rescheduled more than two times.


Animal communication and healing services are not a substitute for medical care by a doctor or veterinarian. One should not delay in consulting a doctor or veterinarian for a medical problem. Animal communication and healing sessions are not used for diagnostic purposes, but should be seen as a complementary treatment.