I am convinced about the divinity of the human soul and that we are living this life making a human experience in a physical body. Perfect and complete we come into this life, then walking a path full of adventures, wonders and challenges – depending on our perspective of our own life. As humans we live in a world of polarity. We wouldn´t know about happiness without having experienced sadness, fulfillment without deception, hope without disappointment. We make these experiences, identify ourselves with our pain, anger, worries and limitation, and over the years believe that these are who we are. But in reality it is our task to return to our true self - which is unlimited, powerful, divine love and light.

Also I have walked this path of self-recognition and received many different tools to now be able to help and support other people in finding empowerment, freedom, abundance and inner peace – powerful and fullfilling elements for a happy life, what we all want and which is our birthright, which is what we are.

In my work as an intuitive soul level communicator for animals as well as between humans, as a psychic medium and shamanic healer I accompany people in bringing old and negative thought and attitude patterns to light, to support you in clarifying, healing and transforming them. I help resolving human and animal soul contracts, to clear blocks and cleanse negative energies so that you can enter into the flow of a wonderful and brilliant life.


This august I am starting a new series of online classes on shamanic journeying. 
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Read my blog to find out more about insights from the animal kingdom as well as personal reflections that can help you on your journey of growth.
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