Ada, Madeleine`s cat that I connected with.

Ada, Madeleine`s cat that I connected with.

"By getting to know animal communication I touched a completely new field in my life. I am glad that I have been able to do this with Katja. She took me by her hands, gently but safely and told me things that I maybe already assumed. But listening to them so clearly and without any further questions was a very interesting moment for me, which holds on until now. 
Especially the balance between absolute professionalism and clear spirituality held Katja in her own way and made it a very special experience for me. Thank you very much."
Madeleine C., Germany

Animal communication was completely new to me and one needs to engage with it. Then I experienced something wonderful. Katja´s calm and concentrated way of connecting helped me to open up to this new world. She described my dog and his personality very precisely. I felt the connection to my dog even more intensively through her. It was very surprising to find out so much more about my dog and myself through Katja´s communication with Felix. I learned that my dog helps me to see the interlocking of my daily life, my work, my fears and worries from a different perspective. I want to carry on working with Katja.

Wolfgang, Sao Paulo

Very grateful for accompanying me lovingly to receive an important, precise, profound message. At the beginning, for being a long distance, I doubted it, but in the process I was surprised by the precision with so much description and details. Thankful for the message,. which helps me focus important decisions !!! Katja was totally right about relevant in her intuitive guidance about things that I am living in this moment of my life.
And I loved how you received different tools for me from my Spirit Guides that I have already put into practice and have been super useful! Thank you sister! That you continue expanding your medicine so sensitive, pure, and wise. Jallalla !!!

Carolina Merino, Lima Perú

For a long time, I had doubts about why my cat had left me whom I had loved with all my being. Therefore I asked Katja to connect with him, to find out the message which could guide me. After this moving experience of meeting my cat through Katja again, I understood that he would always be by my side and that he would make me feel protected, that I could count on his love whenever I needed it. I give my gratitude for having been able to connect with him, now I know that he lives in peace. Namasté. 

Ilse, Sucre, Bolivia

Vielen herzlichen Dank fuer deine Zeit und positive Energie, die du mir mit deiner Behandlung geschenkt hast. Zerrissenheit, negative Gefuehle und Beschwerden verfliegen und ein Gefühl der Zufriedenheit, Frische und neugewonnener Kraft treten an deren Stelle. Ich danke dir für eine wundervolle Erfahrung.

Silke, Sucre, Bolivia

Katja connected with the termites in my house and the information I received through her was very appropriate, that "I am running in circles and that I am currently stuck in darkness" about a current life situation. Furthermore,  she said, that the wind would be a very powerful element to cleanse myself and to carry on developing my intuition. This connection to the wind and its cleansing power of my body, soul and mind, is exactly what I had felt during the last few weeks. With Katja´s connection it was confirmed to me again that everything in the universe is connected. Animals, plants and minerals, that we are all a small part of a big oneness. Humans are animals, but very few can understand what animals express and humans are so arrogant. Even the smallest termites are respectable beings. Therefore, it was very interesting having been connected to someone like you, Katja, who has developed such an important ability to teach us humility. Thank you.

Peti, Sucre, Bolivia

My son and I were very emotional having been able to communicate with our companion cat through Katja, who is not only in our life as a pet but also as a being who helps us to harmonize our little family. I was surprised by the natural way that our cat showed her essence and her importance in our life... as a friend, second mother and teacher of many important aspects that I wish for my life: like independence, affection without dependence, etc.

Through the connection I also learned of the soul contract that we have with every beingand the possibilities in this life (may it be a pet or a temporary presence of an animal). It always has a more profound meaning and they always help us to balance something that happens in our life, i.e. my son hasn`t got any younger brothers or sisters but in our cat he found not only a lucid companion but also someone, who understands his emotions, with whom he can simply share his life in a language beyond words. 

Micaela, Sucre, Bolivia

Katja, thank you so much for you help. We feel much lighter and at ease now, knowing that our dear friend Falkor is fine. You are doing a wonderful job and it is very healing. I will look for butterflies along my way from now on and will follow the light of the sun. Thank you once again for the communication with our dog.

Nayra, La Paz, Bolivia

 It is an incredible blessing to have found Katja and experienced the nature of her work as an animal communicator.  When I first met Katja at a small social gathering, she was warm, friendly and “down to earth”.  I also met her gorgeous dogs, one of whom reminded me of my dear Zendog who had passed almost 8 years ago.  Zendog was my unconditional companion during a tumultuous time of my life (my 20s).  He had survived cancer, had a history of “random” biting, and bit me (the only time) an hour before it was time to put him to sleep.  Since his passing, I have been aware of a sense of heaviness or confusion about his behavior.  Generally, I have ignored this feeling; (after all my dog was gone) however, upon meeting Katja and her dogs, these feelings came to the surface and I knew I needed Katja to help me connect to any incompletions in this relationship.  The session with Katja was incredibly powerful and profound.  She easily connected to my dog and let me know what Zendog was communicating, and I instantly realized what I needed to communicate to heal how I was relating to him.  I am still in disbelief that the healing I received through Katja was so powerful, and that I had been carrying an emotional weight for so long that I somehow “ignored”.  Katja’s methods are professional and her connection to animals is infused with integrity and respect.  She is truly gifted.  I highly recommend Katja if you are feeling a lack of clarity about an animal in your life.  Thank you Katja!  

Lightbeing Lynn, San Francisco

I had a beautiful communication with my puppy Elise through Katja. I learned that Elise wanted me to be profoundly successful and could sense blocks inside myself that she wanted me to overcome. I had it reiterated how much love and joy I share with Elise and how happy she is to be in our family; I learned that from a soul level my pup wants the highest good for me, even when I do not fully compherend how this will happen. I am so glad I had the possibility for this connection. Katja is so warm, generous and clear.  She serves from her heart and over delivers in her servies! I would recomend Katja without any reservation for anyone who is open to how our animals feel, and how wise they are at soul level.

Judy Keating, Yrna, GA, USA

Katja is the real deal!  She's studied deeply in the shamanic tradition and has the remarkable gift of communicating with animals.  I consulted with Katja when my beloved cat Panda, who hates veterinarians, became ill and I wasn't sure of what our next step should be.  Katja communicated with Panda and brought me a clear message from her which I intuitively knew was right.  My next step became clear and Panda and I were and are both at peace.

Judith R, USA

After my session with Katja, mine and Dukesa's relationship really changed! I just feel so much more love for her than I ever have, I understand her more and am so grateful to have her in my life! Before, I thought of her as a burden to my life because she was so sensitive and special and needed so much, and now I can see how she is trying to teach me and heal me and I also have noticed a great transformation in her since I have started working with Mama Ayahuasca. She is less fearful and more secure in herself. Anyway, your reading really did change our lives! And I want to thank you, and Dukesa thanks you as well! Abrazos fuertes!!

Sara y Dukesa, Pisac, Peru

I met Katja in an intuitive communication session with the animals. Katja always counts and explains what it consists of before starting the session. After that day, I recommend her a lot, because she allowed me to be so much more aware of my relationship with Luna (my pet) and with the animals ... of their presence in the world. Feeling the equality between beings of different species and also feeling much more grateful. Everything that happens to me or Luna, I observe now and act in another way, in which I feel there really is a mutual advance towards our well-being. Something that I like and appreciate a lot of Katja is that in all the sessions I participated, she has always given great importance to everyone of the participants. She has been guiding us intuitively in trusting and finding the power of opening up to our own intuition and connection. In my case, as a result, inspiring my confidence and empowerment.

Rebecca, Peru