The army of ants

As an animal communicator I believe that all animals have a message for us! But I wondered whether even small ants have after I had been confronted for the past few weeks with an army of them invading my kitchen worktop. And as surely you know, it isn´t pleasant and even less so whilst you are cooking or preparing breakfast. I thought maybe it might be the Bolivian climate during rainy season so I tried to persuade them to leave using words and my intention but without success. And harming them? - No way!

The only and most obvious option for me was to connect with the ant leader to find out why they won´t leave my kitchen, and their answer was quite simple: "Be tidy, organized and clean up every time after using the kitchen and we will leave right away!" I guess they caught me on my soft spot, I often tend to leave the kitchen messy and postpone cleaning up after a nice meal. 

But why not enjoy the clearing up just as much as cooking? Isn´t it nice to have everything looking neat and tidy after having used it? I love it, anyways. Every act in life is an act of joy once we make the decision to perceive it this way. So I thank the ants for this message.