Time to say good bye – Puppy Soul contracts II

In my last blog entry I had written about one of the soul contracts that my puppies have been practicing with me over the last few weeks. But there is more I would love to share. Since the beginning, the idea of being a second mum to puppies has been challenging to me. Not that I didn´t love the idea, but I live in Peru, where animals are very often not seen and treated the way most (let me plainly say) Westerners do. Here a lot of people love the cuteness of puppies, but realizing the responsibility that follows for many years is often beyond their understanding. Additionally, many people have difficulty training their animals, also sterilization is often still an unnecessary expense. My neighbor for example thinks, he is being clever by putting petrol on his dog´s vagina when she is in season (and believe me, I have been talking to him!)

Three of my dogs are street dogs, who came into my life as puppies and Lola the same way at a very young age.

T´ika (Flower in Quechua), the baby girl.

So, when I realized, that our Lola was going to be a mum and that one day the moment would come of finding a new home for them, I felt very challenged, because it wouldn´t be an easy task. Of course we never know, what the owners are really like and whether they are prepared to be respoansable and loving dog parents for many years. And in the end it is neither the case in the 1st world as we can see in animal shelters! Anyways, the moment has come and believe me, I had some sleepless nights of worry and fear over the future wellbeing of my beloved puppies.

All this experience provided a big lesson for me. My puppies force me to step into my power, to be big and strong and to remember my intuition. They reminded me, that they (like all animals) are beings of light, who have CONSCIOUSLY CHOSEN to come to this world, at this specific time and to this concrete place in order to teach all humans they will be in contact with (and that includes me and my husband) specific lessons. Through their behavior, their actions and even illnesses they teach us to become better persons, to be happier, to live more fulfilled, to let go of fear or to set up boundaries. It depends on every individual person.

Humboldt, the explorer

Although I pass on these messages during every intuitive reading with clients, I needed to be reminded myself again. And with this knowing I am being also being reminded to trust and to let-go of emotional attachment, but to enjoy every moment with have and had together. My puppies know (and so do I) that the right person will come. And I am practising to move beyond my upcoming emotions and to really trust their amazing purpose here on Earth. Beyond our personality and our individual story we are light, just as they are and as everything is. The only difference is, that they are the purity in an animal body, whilst we are walking a human path trying to re-find this eternal and pure light and unconditional love inside us again.

So, here I am; waiting for the next people to receive a new guide and teacher, whilst I am trusting that everything is a divine happening, being able to say good bye without too much sadness and heartache.  

Many blessings.