Why did you have to leave me?

Today I would love to share the story of a wonderful friend of mine here in the Sacred Valley, who´s journey I have been able to accompany for the last few weeks.

When I advertised my puppies for adoption, Malena felt a strong calling to take one of them, although it was not the one she had felt very connected to from a photo. When connecting to the puppy she had originally chosen, called Humboldt, he didn´t even want to speak to me. Instead T´ika (his female sister) gave obvious sign for me to connect with her and she expressed, that was the one, who would love to be Malena´s new pet. T´ika was a shy and quite small but very beautiful puppy with incredibly loving eyes. Striking was also her powerful energy, ready to connect 100% to the heart of the other person. She prove that the outside appearance could be misleading to a person who is only seeing the animal´s physical body.

Whilst passing on T´ika´s message to my friend, I felt a very strong pain in my heart area and a lot of sadness arising. In my work as an animal communicator and healer I know, that these physical signs in my body are connected to the person I work with. When I shared this information with Malena, she confirmed that she had also just felt a tremendous and deep pain coming up in her chest, bringing her to tears.

T´ika (Flower), we love and miss you! <3

Malena, her daughter and their dog Misky felt a strong connection to T´ika from the first day on and became very quickly inseparable, because T´ika radiated to everyone so much pure and infinite love, vulnerability and beauty.

Nearly 3 weeks later….

A couple of hours before I needed to travel from my home to Pisac for an animal communication workshop, Malena rang me heartbroken and in tears, because T´ika had just been run over by a car. An hour later we said good bye to her - a puppy that looked like it had only been sleeping – innocent, beautiful and pure love. Interestingly, moments before Malena found out about the incident, the tremendous sharp pain in her chest area had returned. Moments later she had received the phone call.

When connecting to T´ika´s energy after her transition, she showed me clearly, that she was still energetically present and she wanted me to explain to Malena, that her leaving was well planned to bring up a very old and deeply rooted wound in Malena again, which my friend had felt many times over the years and which showed up especially in the loss of many beloved animals after short amounts of time having been with her. T´ika opened this wound so strongly and explained, that after all of the healing work that Malena had done for herself during the years, it was finally time to release this internal suffering, that it was not necessary to hold on to any longer.

We arranged a healing session (as T´ika had asked me) and with her energetic presence I was able to release and cleanse this old, deep wound that Malena had held on to for many years, having been created through challenging childhood experiences. Often we hold on to traumas, manifest negatives energies either from past life experiences or from childhood traumas and don´t even realize that these dense, heavy and dark energies are not necessary and are blocking us in our happiness, wholeness and connection to love, peace and joy in life. When we are able to release them, this cleansed space can be filled with divine love and light, ready to bring so much more wonderfulness into life.

And this is what happened to Malena. After the release, she started feeling more strength and power inside herself. She felt more protected and loved - and T´ika had accompanied her all the way on a very short but powerful journey of a puppy, who knows – like ALL animals – their mission on Earth, which is to help us humans to grow and heal, to also find unconditional love in ourselves and others.

This is the amazing work of animals in our lives. I thank T´ika and Malena for the honour of having been able to accompany them on their journey together. With completing this work, T´ika was able to return to the spirit world, ready to help another human on their life path. Many, many blessings.

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