Many of us had a very challenging 2016 with a lot (more) of stuff coming up, aspects of our life needed to be understood better so they could be healed, processed and transformed. And so it also was for me. 2016 has been extremely intensive and many changes took place, but all for the good. I closed circles, let go, learned to trust to step more into my inner power, light and wisdom.

And now we entered Year ONE - numerology (2+0+1+7), furthermore month ONE (January) - Where we should start fresh, new, make the big changes that are ready to be taken after having done so much clearing work.
Having moved to Peru I started sitting down and wondering, ok, where do I go from here. What will I do now? Where do I start? The many tools I have acquired, how can they be put together?: animal communication, healing work, shamanic journeying etc.
And with all this thinking in my head, I forgot one of the biggest tools I learned: to not ask with your mind, but to feel, to trust, to surrender to your inner knowing. The answers come when they are ready to be heard.
As a consecuence, I decided to let go of putting pressure on myself, not worrying about it being already mid January and just to enjoy my new home, the amazing surroundings with its powerful and magical energy, doing the things I love so much (painting, reading, just sitting in the garden listening to the birds, meditating without any time pressure etc.) And I know, that everything is perfect as it is and that makes me feel so light and happy.

Today I received an amzing energy healing from Angelica Cynthia Gordon with accompanying piano music by Eugene Sedletsky that just let me fly. Not only did it connect me so beautifully to the land of the Sacred Valley and it´s spirits, it was when suddenly so many species of the animal kingdom appeared and said very clearly to me: "Pass our messages on to the world". And then the flowers and trees arrived, magical beings and all asked me the same. And I knew as they showed me, that this is the very next step for me to take:
Regularly I will connect to whoever would like to step forward and listen to his/her/their voice and then share this message with you via my Facebookpage and Website. This feels so exciting!

I feel very blessed and honoured to having received this wonderful message. Thank you so much Angelica and Eugene for having accompanied me.

Many blessings.