Here is my first of my now regular posts about animal (and more) connection and it is of course going to be about Pumachaska, a puppy. (see yesterday´s post)

I don´t ever look at posts about animal abuse or lost animals, because they make me angry, sad or frustrated. But yesterday, my eyes caught for some reason a post on a local facebook group about a couple of puppies that had been found in the street. I don´t even know, when y how I responded "Are they still available?".
Lucky engough, both of them had already found new owners but Layqa,  the owner of a small animal refuge in Urubamba, where I live (…/…) sent me a picture of a little puppy girl, that she had also just found and needed desperately a new home. The puppy´s picture just didn´t get out of my mind. Have you ever felt this gut feeling of knowing, that a specific animal needs to be with you? Just as if it was chosing you and not the other way around? Well, the crazy thing is, we don´t chose the animal, they chose us because they are divine beings that come into our lives to teach us a lesson.

I really didn´t want a third dog, but the coincidences of time and place (which of course don´t exist) made it happen, that a few hours later I had this little puppy in my arms, ready to be taken home.

So, what is her lesson right now for me? What does she want to teach me? As an animal communicator I tap into the energy of the animal (and generally also the person) to receive this message intuitively. - And even though she is only 2 months old, I see and feel already her free, wild and happy spirit. She doesn´t need much cuddling, instead just wants to run around, explore and be happy. No necessity for ajustment to the new home and new family. And by that she is teaching me to be like her: to live more independent and be the free, strong, wild spirit that lives inside me. And she tells me that I restrict myself especially when it comes to my dogs Killa and Inti, who are very, very close to me. Well, yes, they are like my children.
But she says, that I am restricting and limiting myself as I am worrying too much about them, being concerned as soon as I leave them alone for a while. Nop, I didn´t like to hear that, but I know it is true. They both join me wherever I go and I often feel guilty, when I leave them behind. And that aspect reflects also a bigger part in my life of still limiting myself. But she has come to us now, so we will see, how things will evolve, I will keep you updated.

Have you ever wondered why an animal is in your life or what lesson it wants to teach you? Do not hesitate to contact me, because I can help you find the answers.

And if you want to support this beautiful project and the efforts of Layqa, please contact her. Help is always so much needed. THANK YOU