Happy Equinox - Blessed in, with and through life.

A couple of days ago was, 22 September – date for the Equinox, the start of spring time here in South America. I can notice already the cold disappearing, which I am so grateful for. J When connecting to the Equinox´s energy I felt the desire to reflect on what happened the last three months and where it has taken me until today.

The journey was quite unexpected, but I guess it is always that way, once we let go of a mind-chosen path. Believe it or not, but my journey has taken me back to life. It sounds very strange, I guess. Of course I have been alive all these years, but how much have I REALLY been present in the here and now, in THIS world? Since my spiritual awakening nearly 5 years ago my path has been a very steep, lonely, sometimes frightening and partly dangerous one. My friends know, how adventurous I am, that I marked my life constantly overstepping boundaries or limits – external as well as internal. And so it also happened during the spiritual journey here in South America. You can read more about that here.

During the last months of being weak, sick, depressed, mainly spending my time in bed and unable to follow any spiritual activities I realized, how much I had actually been absent from “the 3D world”, as I currently call it. Whereas I had neither been able to meditate, journey or work intuitively and feeling so challenged of only lying in bed, not being able to be productive or creative in any way, I started watching a movie on Netflix now and again, got out some novels that had been in the shelve for ages with a piece of chocolate cake next to me. And guess what: What a blissful time I had after having let go of the first guilt moments of wasting my time and lowering my energy! The last years had been revolved mainly around spiritual texts and activities, watching very carefully what I eat in order to keep a high vibration.  It has been a very important learning, healing and letting go path. I helped me to understand and overcome negative belief systems which I had created of my mind, such as not trusting in myself, not being worthy and good enough. Meditation, shamanic journeys and especially my intuitive work as a healer, coach and animal communicator brought me a profound knowing of Oneness, a connection to other realms and dimensions, beings on the other side. I am profoundly grateful for all that I have learned and experienced.


But over the last few months I was forced to return to my physical body of here and now. Now, I look at myself wondering whether I am the same again like I have been before my spiritual awaking, because being this connected to my physical body and the 3D world I feel like this somehow. But once I look beyond physicalness, I realize the profound change I have been going through and that I am finishing a complete circle, which fills me with immense gratitude. It is beautiful to recognize that the 3D world has just as much beauty and joy (as well as difficulty and challenges) as being connected to other dimensions.

4 of my 6 gorgeous puppies

I have read a beautiful novel on the plane which took me to another world, but it wasn´t another dimension, it was a story taking place in France and I had been just as moved as having journeyed to another dimension. Just the same happens when watching my 8 weeks old, puppies grow, play, develop and grow fills me with so much love, light and gratitude, that it brings tears into my eyes. Isn´t that ONENESS? The embodiment of all that is and was. Life is constant growth, constant movement and change and I feel very blessed for these new insights which I will be able to reflect in my intuitive work. I am more than ready to combine both sides of the coin now, expanding and moving.

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Thank you. Namasté