To start with, I would like to announce that I have decided to write one day in spanish and the next day in english. So today I will write about power animals in english and tomorrow the text will follow in spanish.

Para comenzar quisiera avisar que desde ahora un día escribiré en español y el siguiente viene el mismo texto estará en inglés. Hoy será mi texto en inglés, así que busquen la traducción mañana.

power animal.jpg

It is evening already, I am not feeling so well today and I wanted to postpone writing this post, but I promised myself that I want to write and connect every day. Yes, I am sharing this little detail, because I want to be honest and share not only information, but the feelings, emotions and sensations behind my thoughts and actions.
I have always been worried about writing something publically, although I am journaling frequently. But my mind always says, the text needs to be perfect. But to what standard, who am I comparing it to? We generally always compare ourselves to others – presentation, appearance, success, abundance, the way the other person acts or expresses him/herself and so on. As a consequence we live in fear, anxiety, anger, frustration, the feeling of lack. Why not do, what you feel is the best YOU can do for yourself and just do it. And this is why I am starting to publish these posts as a request of the animals that want me to pass on their voice.

So, then I wondered what to write about today and it goes exactly with what I mentioned above: one of my power animals, well the first one that I had discovered, when asking for its connection and guidance. We all have power animals, but only few of us are aware of it: either because we don´t believe in them or we don´t know, how to connect to it.

As part of my learning to be an animal communicator, I suddenly felt, that I must surely be able to connect to a power animal as well, if I am able to establish a connection to all kinds of animals. As a result I expected a dog to appear (as I have always loved dogs so much and they have been a fundamental part of my life for many years), dolphins, eagles, butterflies - all of them have played a role in my life. But when I connected, I couldn´t believe my eyes: A big elephant came into my energetic space (a kind of white room that I create in my mind) and stood right in front of me. An elephant? Indeed, it was surprising to me, as I have not really had any contact to elephants apart from zoos when I was little and a visit to India some years ago. But there it stood in front me, crystal clear and patient to pass on his information to me.

 Now, I could have looked up in one of the many books about power animals, what an elephant represents, but for me this is generalized information. Every animal species works uniquely with a person and it is up to us to discover their special gifts and power in connection with us.

 For me, the beautiful, amazing energy I was connected to, represented pure serenity, strength, presence and power. And this is the energy, he wanted me to tap into and to let me know that he was always there, if I want him to, to connect to this exact energy to support and guide me in my life. And funny enough, when I wanted to shy away from writing today again and not sure yet, which animal (species) to write about, he appeared. Thank you.

We can various power animals at a time, and especially over a life time, that work with us different issues like fear or negative beliefs, when we learn to connect with them. It doesn´t matter how big or small they are, every single one has unique powers and gifts that they use to work with each one of us individually. Would you like to know, what your power animal is and how to use its powers and wisdom? I can help you finding it out so you can step into your power with the help of your power animal.

Many blessings and good night.