I am just sitting in my garden with a bottle of water, which I have collected from the stream on my afternoon´s walk in the local mountains. Sitting by the river I knew, what I wanted to share with you today.

During the last animal communication readings I frequently got the message for my clients from their pets to connect to nature. Why is that? We are so programmed to being in our mind: constantly busy on doing something, thinking about the next task, worrying about something in the future, planning on what we are going to cook for dinner tonight or dwelling in the past. Our mind is permanently active. There is nothing wrong with our mind working, but when it is the time for it to work. And who controls that? YOU! Nobody else. And it feels so challenging to stop the permanent chatter. Well, this is how it feels to me. But what can be done about it? The animals keep passing on the information to go into nature.


Now you might say: well, I am doing that and I really enjoy it as well. But observe yourself, when you are outside. Are you going out, because you want to do a workout, so your mind is in the focus of trying to stay/ get fit? Or you are going with friends and chat about the last weekend?  

Have you ever tried to be in nature and to really be in the present moment?: To sit or lay down and feel the softness of the grass, touching the soil (or snow) feeling, smelling it, looking at the colors and formation of the stones and rocks that might be around you. Close your eyes and listen to the sounds around you, feel the breeze of wind touching your hair and your skin, being touched by the sunrays or snowflakes or raindrops? Have you ever observed the many different shades of green from leaves? And then just thinking NOTHING. Just feeling and exploring the sensations that come up in you, how they touch your heart and your soul, without getting drifted away in thoughts. And when it happens, gently calling yourself back into the moment of stillness. Start with some moments, a couple of minutes, don´t force yourself. Just enjoy and be!  

Now you might say, well I don´t have forests or big green spaces in my area. Everywhere is a green spot that is so full of beauty and magic, even in cities: in a park, the local town square (especially here in South America they are generally beautifully green), your backyard. Everything will do, once we put our intention on wanting to connect.

And then I would love to invite you to even go further, because we can go so much beyond the first (obvious) sensation. PLEASE, when you are sad or stressed give it a try to hug a tree. Trees are so strong and powerful and have such a healing effect. Or feel the ground below you and imagine connecting the earth, our beloved Mother Earth, mother of all beings. Feel the roots growing out of your feet and entering the ground, let them connect and grow deeper and deeper, passing stones, crystals, roots and experience the nurturing warmth of Mother Earth. Sit on a bench, close your eyes and let the rays of the sun connect to your heart, let it open your heart, that maybe holds some anger or frustration at that moment. Even the beautiful power of the wind – May it be a soft breeze or storm has so much power of helping us to heal. Connect and ask the wind to blow away anything is not necessary anymore. Look at a flower and just emerge into its beauty.

Nature has so powerful healing effects on us, because we are not separated from nature, we are part of her. We are nature, we hold all the elements inside ourselves.

You may know all these things, but from time to time we just to be reminded again that the next walk in nature, the next time I step into the back garden  or sitting on the park bench, you will let go if everything for a moment and let yourself be one with nature again. And it is so beautiful that the animals share this message with so many humans!

Many blessings