My dog Killa came into my life as a small puppy about 4 years ago together with her brother Inti. When I both saw them for the first time, I just knew, that these would be their names: Killa – Moon and Inti – Sun in the indigenous language Quechua. At that time I had no idea yet, how these names would be reflected in their personality and even more in their work with me.

Today Killa wanted me to tell you about her and the connection to our - and my - feminine side.

But firstly, some information about her personality, which is necessary to see the connection. I feel that Killa is a very special dog. Of course, all our pets feel special to us, but I want to express that she is special in a different way. Firstly, she is a proper lady: she moves like one, she eats her food slowly and with delight, she has a very soft, loving personality and when you see her walking through water, you would think that she was a princess. Many times I also perceive her as a cat, because sometimes she moves like one or do you know, how cats duck down and then jump for their target, when it is close enough (which is generally her brother)? She loves having a cat behavior. Also, the way she cleans herself with so much time and self-love is impressive to me. There have been so many times that she made me laugh out loudly because of her interesting behavior.

When Killa comes in contact with other people, she can show two very different behaviors, which took me a while to understand: People (men or women), who are connected to their feminine side, which means, who are soft and gentle, generally receive very quickly her love and attention. When Killa perceives more masculinity in a person, she acts skeptical and barks, is resistant and won´t come close.

What does it mean: feminine or masculine side? In every man and woman resides a masculine and feminine side, although in women the feminine should generally be slightly more present and vice versa.


Masculine: left part of the brain, physically represented by the right part of our body, thought, activation, control, power, rational, objective, verbal, abstract, doing, head, the day/ sun.    

Feminine: right part of the brain, physically represented by the left part of our body, sensation, non-verbal, intuitive, creative, emotional, subjective, sensory, being, heart, the night / moon. 

To live in harmony we need to be in balance with both sides in ourselves, but over thousands of years the masculine part has taken over more and more, which shows its effects not only in ourselves but also in most societies and governments, which are run with a very dominant masculine energy, provoking violence, pain, non-equality, suffering, selfishness, repression and so much unhappiness.

But I don´t want to talk about politics, I want to incentivize you, to look at yourself and your life. Start observing with love, like a curious child without making any judgments: how much time of your day to you spend in doing, controlling, being in your head: at work, at home (with your family). How often are you truly connected to your feelings and don´t pretend to be happy when you are actually not. Do you cry, when you feel that it is necessary or do you swallow your tears, repressing your emotions, because big girls/boys don´t cry? Do you tell your boss, that you won´t be able to finish the work by Friday or do you take it home and work all weekend? When have you last done something crazy or silly, because it makes you feel so good and alive?

I want to ask you some more questions. How much time do you dedicate to yourself: treating yourself to a nice hot bath, a massage, listening to your favorite music and not doing nothing else besides it, just listening and enjoying. Or would be you dancing, spinning in circles like you might remember from your childhood times? Have you ever spent 15 minutes on putting cream on your body – treating your body like a divine temple?

Well, I haven´t done it enough for myself and this is, what Killa is teaching me, by acting in a very feminine way, being an example to me: she wants me to fully embrace, live and love the feminine side in me. She wants me to treat myself like a princess, to love myself the way I am, to be honest with my emotions – towards myself and towards others. Every single one of us is so special and unique. Let us look into the mirror and find it again. It takes time and curiosity and most importantly – no fear or judgment!

I really thought I had a creativity block, because I dreamed about wanting to paint, write and make music, but nothing would really take on form. Now I know, that it is also connected to my femininity: mind vs. creativity. And now I am lovingly inviting creativity into my life again.

And this message which Killa sends out is not only for me but for so many of us, who are still dominated by the masculine part. We have enough hard, tough, strong and closed men and women in the world. So please open your heart and soul, there is never anything to lose. Don´t limit yourself, because the more of us, who will take this step, the more feminine, beautiful, softer and lighter our world will become again.