Six morning messengers

Good morning beautiful souls,

I want to share a wonderful morning experience with you.

If you follow my posts, my may know, that my partner and I moved to Peru with my two dogs at the end of last year.  Travelling with Killa and Inti is always a lot of fun, relaxing, shared beauty and awesomeness because of our strong connection. We are a great well-working team.

5 weeks after having moved to the Sacred Valley puppy Chaska found me, who sent me strong messages, why she wanted to be in our life, even before holding her fir the first time in my arms.

Lola and Chaska

In March suddenly dog lady Lola shows up, not even a year old. Lola is actually our neighbor’s dog and when she started visiting coming over to us, she acted extremely shy and fearful, being skin and bones. Of course we started feeding her and Chaska became her best friend to play with. By now she spends most her time (days and nights) on our property. I know she is pushing boundary buttons on me already with her soft but clever looks.

I have to explain a bit about the special land, that we live on, called Illa Wasi. It is situated one hour outside Cusco in Urubamba, surrounded by snow capped mountains, farmland, ancient ruins and very old trees. The owner of Illa Wasi, Don Camilo was a very spiritual man and following his vision of building a community base for people to share love, peace and especially happiness. Since his death more than 2 years ago, the magical property with its rustic stone houses, plantation of fruit trees and farmland has been abandoned until it found us. My boyfriend and I named Illa Wasi additionally Yuq K´anchay Pacha (Quechua: brilliant light of this time and space). Yuq K´anchay Pacha is a very special land, meaning that she has her own rules. If you come for intentional healing or not, it does not matter- she will help raise things to awareness that have been in the shadow. She will help you heal and release it. We have really enjoyed the nurturing energy of Yuq K´anchay Pacha, connecting deeply with her wisdom, living alone and really loving the quietness and peacefulness.

There is a reason, why I am telling you more about the land today! Another neighbor of ours has got two dogs, but she became very sick and has been hospitalized last week. One of the dogs used to be Don Camilo´s dog, so I guess he has always been part of the property, although living next door now. With the hospitalization of our neighbor the question arose, what would happen to the dogs? I had offered my help, but it wasn’t welcomed. Yesterday I realized, that they have not been taken to some friends, but stayed behind, being fed by someone now.

This morning both of them woke me up, standing at my door and after an initial crazy dog barking of 6 dogs!! they led me and the dogs to the part of the property where Don Camilo used to live. Observing their behavior, tapping into their energy – 3 strong male and 3 strong female energies I heard myself saying: This is a place of love and sharing. Nobody will fight or argue here, we are here, to be at peace with each other. A huge heart expansion took place. And the dogs, who usually fight and bark at each other, were amazingly calm, sniffing, partly playing, it had a trance state feeling.

Yuq K’anchay Pacha is waking up, the land asks to be shared by opening up to a community, to invite people for healing, loving and being happy. It is challenging for me. Since having started to walk my spiritual path, I became quite introverted and deeply enjoy quietness and loneliness. I know it is time to open up to the world and its people without fear or hesitation, to share love, harmony, wisdom and magic. Stay tuned, because these days I will be announcing the first retreats we will be holding here.

Have a magical day.