Chaska – the rough glamour girl

Which one is Chaska??

Which one is Chaska??

Chaska, the puppy girl, came into my life in January 2017 when I had just moved to Peru. If you want to find out how she arrived you can read it here.

She gave me very clear messages, why she wanted to be in my life. I had received a clear message even before picking her up, that she would work with me to confidently live my independence and strength, to stand up for myself and I feel I have been learning a very intensive lesson over the last couple of months, by having been put in front of challenging situations, like arguments, injustice, betrayal which caused a lot of frustration, anger, sadness and disappointment in me. At moments I wondered what I had been learning over all this time, if the universe keeps still being so “unfair” and wants to make me so unhappy again.

But only with the eyes of a distant observer of my life, which I call the eagle eye perspective, I understood that I should finally embrace the arising challenges with “emotional non-attachment”. Of course I have been practicing it for a long time, but God or the universe tests us to see, whether we are ready to take the next step in our spiritual growth. And this is where the creation of our own reality takes place: in the way we react to an upcoming situation. Do we take the arising happening personally, by connecting it with our past of pain, suffering, anger, resentment or do we watch it from a neutral point of view with the help of managing our energy until the storm has passed?

And now I watch 5 nearly months old Chaska (Chaska means Star in Quechua), being a very strong, bold, independent and tomb boy puppy, not afraid of anything. It portrays pride in me, that I feeling much more like this inside myself, although we I know we never stop walking.

Humans and animals have soul contracts and generally, when we learned the lesson, which they want to teach us, they leave our life or start working on a different topic with us. So after feeling proud about my inner change, I became curious of what was going to happen next and start getting a slight idea, just by observing her behavior. Animals teach us lessons in different ways, such as by acting as an example to us (i.e. when the person is really fearful, the animal acts especially strong), or it can act in the opposite way. A colleague of mine wanted to get some more practice on animal communication and I asked her to connect to Chaska. And my intuition hasn´t failed me that Chaska is now working with me on embracing my divine feminine side. Combining inner strength and boldness but not leaving aside my feminine side. And guess how she showed it? She appeared to my friend as a very energetically strong dog, but at the same time with a very glamorous with a gorgeous, shining beautiful coat. Were we talking about the same dog? Chaska looks like a tomb boy, always covered in spines or mud. When an animal communicator establishes a connection, it is not unusual that the animal shows itself in a different way than in real life, which is a message about the animal´s energy or even already associated with the lesson the animal wants to teach his / her human.

Embracing my feminine side is something I have been trying to work on for a while now, especially since having moved to my new home in Peru, it has followed me closely. I have the strong desire to be creative, something is pressing strongly inside me to come out: to sing, to make music, to write more and not to mention the projects I am currently planning as an animal communicator. So I asked Chaska, what she recommended for me to do. Her reply: “DANCE, because hips don´t lie. They embrace our femininity.” I love dancing, I always used to dance, but have stopped doing so a couple for years ago. So I have decided to replace my morning yoga exercises with dancing and surely you can imagine how amazing it makes me feel. Therefore, I will start embracing my days with some wonderful songs to dance and sing to. I have the biggest smile on my face whilst sharing it with you. How do you embrace your feminine side? Everything can be creative – from cooking, gardening to painting as long as we do it with love and passion.

I am wishing you a wonderful day, full of divine creation.
Many blessings

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