Can we love too much?

I am lying in bed with a strong flu and looking over to my growing family surrounding me, resting on the floor. For some people it might be strange to have their dogs living with them in their house, for me it has never been a question. My dogs have always been a major part of my family. Maybe even the most important, because they have been walking along my spiritual path for the 4,5 years, supporting me, teaching me, loving and strengthening me, a path that often has been very lonely.

Killa and Inti on holidays

Anyways, I´d like to share with you that a few days ago I went out with friends for the day and left my dogs running happily and freely on our big property. When returning home I only found my two young dogs Lola and Chaska welcoming us, but not Killa and Inti, who have been with me since 2013 and who came with me from Bolivia. Fireworks had been surely going off all day, like every weekend. This is something very stressful for both of them as they really love peace and calmness. So, we looked for them everywhere in the darkness, but without any success.

As an Animal Communicator I felt I needed to connect to their energy to see whether I could receive a message from them. After managing my energy I started seeing a lot of light and receiving very unresting and challenging messages, which told me, that I was ready to take the next step in my learning process.

I have to explain that animals decide to leave us, when a soul contract is completed, i.e. when we have learned to step into our power or to love ourselves more, because every animal decides to enter our life so it can teach and guide us. The animal choses consciously (NOT US!) WHEN and HOW they will leave, so that it will be the most beneficial for the human. Beneficial is not necessarily the most tranquil way, as a learning process can even still be involved in their departure.

So, I received the message that I shall learn and embed with all my senses, that our body form is only ONE part of our being – I know that very well, but I also know that it is only something, which I have been able and wanting to experience within myself. Now Killa and Inti wanted to teach me, that it was time to leave and to connect without their physical presence??? I observed a dialogue in my head about the readiness of this lesson and that I would be able to accomplish it. The other voice said very clearly that I would refuse to go this far right now and that I had gone through enough challenges over the last few months. I did NOT want to lose my loyal companions! This second voice became very strong and powerful.

My boyfriend, who had fallen asleep in the meantime, woke up telling me, that he had seen and heard Killa scratching a door. Without hesitation we got dressed for the freezing winter night and started searching again. - There she was, Killa did really appear near the front gate and had tried to enter the garden. Relieved we returned and we both felt by then, that it was only a matter of time until Inti would also return. And so it was, at 2.30 am a dirty, tired and exhausted Inti appeared at home again.

Of course I wonder, who these voices were, which I had heard during my connection discussing in my head. I am very intuitive as well as clairvoyant and often receive messages in verbal form as well as images, sensations or feelings. Was I able to change the wheel of destiny – even for a while through a powerful manifestation? Well, I will never know but I am so happy that we are a complete family again.

Many blessings.