Pachamama´s abundance

August is a very special month in the Andean world, it is time to give gratitude to our existence and all existence. It is time to honor and to connect to our inner selves and to all that is. Pachamama represents not only Mother Earth as many think, but Mama = mother and Pacha = time and space. So it is the totality of all, the cosmos, the here and now.

I had wanted to finish a post about our dog Lola and her time of patient waiting for giving birth to her babies, which we had been awaiting with tremendous curiosity, but I guess it was not supposed to be. As I am still quite sick I decided to take a bath. Whilst running a bath I realized that Lola was upstairs on the sofa. She had never been upstairs and less on the sofa. We had built her a little house a couple of weeks ago, where she could prepare for the birth, which she loved. And I didn´t connect to the comment of my vet to watch for any unusual behavior, which could be an obvious sign for the upcoming arrival of the pups. Even whilst lying in the bathtub and hearing some strange noises, it took me some moments to realize that Lola had started giving birth and by the time I stood in front of her, the first two puppies laid on our sofa. (Thank God, we have a really old sofa with blankets on it).

It was the first time my boyfriend and I had ever since newborn animals. I must admit that had been very nervous and anxious beforehand, surely much more than her although it was also going to be her first time. In amazement I watched her cleaning and caring them with love and patience. We stayed close to her for nearly an hour, but no other puppy seemed to want to arrive, which felt strange regarding the size of her belly. Deciding to go to rest, we kept hearing noises during the night. I felt and saw our connection very strongly in blue and white light big circle. Therefore I often went to see whether they were doing ok – and crazy enough, every time I walked over, another puppy had arrived in this world, making it by 4am 7 babies, from which 6 survived until the next morning.

We feel so blessed having been part of these miraculous moments, unforgettable and unique. It makes it even more wondrous that the birth happened exactly on the 1st of August.  

Lola is mum for the first time, so we were quite curious, how she would care for her pups. Additionally, we kept observing our other three dogs and how there were going to react to the exciting news: Everything is happening so smoothly, Lola is the most gentle, loving and calm mum I could have ever imagined and the other three unbelievably understanding, tranquil and quiet. I feel is tremendous gratitude for the abundance of love, peace and beauty I am able to experience in these challenging days of ongoing physical sickness. 

Of course there are soul lessons behind the behavior of all of our dogs, which I shall learn, especially now. Iwill share them in my next post.

Good night