What are you DOING today?

Good morning on the second day of Elipse season. It is a shaky time for most of us, probably even all of us. Eclipses are times for change, shifting, healing and growing. And we never know in which direction of our inner and outer self it is heading.

So, I woke up and felt some energy for the first time in weeks, which allowed me to DO something. At 6am I cleaned the house, prepared some delicious food for the dogs and was with so much desire to write something.

And how wonderful and full of gratitude I felt to be able to DO something. Sounds crazy, right? If you follow my blog posts, you might know, that for the last half a year I have been put into situations that taught me to let go, to be in the moment, to stop working, doing, planning. The challenges ended up with me being so sick, that I wasn´t even able to think. Tied to bed incapable of doing something, not mentioning something “purposeful”.

And I realized, how much we are controlled by our mind, which dictates that we should always DO something: working, cleaning, painting, meditating, singing, grocery shopping, reading, talking, thinking etc. Whatever it is that we are DOING, we are always DOING. So, there I was lying in bed even unable to sleep just observing myself with the obsessive thoughts, that I need to DO something. And not being able to. Believe me, I wasn´t sure anymore whether I wanted to live or die and mostly it felt I was slowly going to do. Until today, when woke up with some different energy. And whilst DOING something with so much curious, joyful observation of me regained strength, I realized, that everything we DO can have purpose, it only depends on our perspective.

I feel so grateful today to clean, to write, to think, because I feel the sacredness in everything I can DO today. I take things slowly, do them consciously, because I am still quite weak. Furthermore, I want to stay aware of what I DO today and to feel the most pleasure in it. Our days generally go by quickly and we only look for gratitude in special (good or if you are already more conscious about your life path also not so pleasant) situations, meetings, feelings arising.

Why don´t you also try to be completely in the moment today, i.e. when you wash the dishes and feel the beauty of the water cleansing them or be present when you prepare your food today and feel the gratitude for the energy it gives us. It is a human thing to never be satisfied, there is always more to do, think, judge, worry and whilst being in the future and past, we forget how immensely precious the present moment is.

Use the Eclipse season to slow down, to move more calmly and be aware of what you think, feel and DO. And enjoy every moment of it, be grateful and remember, life is beautiful. Whatever happens these days, everything happens for a reason: to help us bring more light into darkness, to help us shift, grow and expand, so we can live happier, more peaceful and in more harmony. It may not feel like this right now, but TRUST that the sun is always behind the clouds. Maybe not visible with the eye at times, but we KNOW it is.

Have a blessed day.

PS: The energy only lasted about 3 hours...