Today I decided

Today I stopped running.

Today I stopped chasing.

Today I stopped controlling.

Today I looked at my life and realized the abundance around me and within me.

Today I decided to be entirely in GRATITUDE for my life with all its lessons – in light and darkness.

I am thankful for every person and being, that I have been able to meet and to share moments, hours or years with – angels or but angels (as Robert Betz used to say).

I feel pure gratitude for each and every place and situation, that I have been able to experience.

Everyone and everything took me to where I am and what I am now.

And I am proud of what I see. I am PERFECT as we all are, but I am also human, continuously walking a life path towards light and unconditional love.

I recognize my shadows: new shadows as well as old ones. Negative thought patterns and subsequent negative behaviours and actions who keep reappearing.

I embrace them, I give GRATITUDE to each one of them, permitting them their necessary space without putting a story behind them anymore – I consciously make that choice NOW.

In their embrace I decide to LET GO of them, to TRANSCEND them, because they don’t serve me any more on my life path.

And I emerge myself in the feeling of complete TRUST in divine perfection.

I bless myself, my life and everyone and everything around me.