Wishful thinking

I have already had so many dreams in my life. Yes, I have fulfilled already many of them. I gave up secure places and home, people, good jobs as well comfortable situations to explore more of what life holds for me.

When I was a child I wanted to either be a teacher or work with animals. Professionally at university I decided I be a language teacher and became additionally a successful teacher trainer, working in management positions, travelling all across South America and living an abundant life. But with time I realized that this wasn´t everything, although I lived already what many would call a dream life. Therefore, two years ago I once again gave up a really cool and secure job, my friends and a pretty magical life in Bolivia to move to the Sacred Valley of Peru. It was a gut feeling and heart´s desire to start earning my living as an intuitive and medium, especially connecting to humans and their animals, reading intuitively and telepathically the soul contracts they hold for us and in that way to open a doorway for healing, transformation and personal growth. This intuition widened quickly, now I connect to spirit guides and other celestial beings, read soul contracts between humans, connect to power animals and so on. I mention this with humbleness, deep gratitude and an open heart, but I want to share with you that EVERYTHING is possible in life.

One thing I always craved to connect to more profoundly, was creativity. I admire people who can sing, draw, create. It used to be (and it still is) another dream of mine to be a dancer, writer or/ and singer. And with the growth of this dream I realized that this is the next missing puzzle piece in my life: connecting to creativity means connecting more deeply to my divine feminine side, the second Chakra – of creation.

Every one of us holds masculine and feminine energy inside themselves, which means:

assertive, goal-oriented, accomplished, and dominant. This energy is associated with daytime, activity, vision, being extroverted, giving and power.
stillness, nighttime, intuition, creativity, softness, feelings, playfulness, being introverted, receiving and senses.

I grew up in the Western world where masculinity is very present in all aspects of life and has been for generations. Now it is time to heal this masculinity and open up even more to my feminine. About a year ago I started singing, just like that, and now I love singing. I recovered my voice that I lost in my late childhood. Some weeks ago I started dancing every day for at least half an hour. I used to love dancing and surely spent quite some time dancing at parties and in night clubs until early morning hours. Having a baby now changed the situation completely.

And guess what: I have started sharing my voice as well as body movement like dancing a lot in my healing sessions and cacao ceremonies – and I love it. It fills my heart and soul with joy and happiness. I know, soon I want share it even more publically.

I don’t need to be a professional to share what I hold inside myself. I start living another one of my dreams and this makes me so incredibly happy. And guess what, we hold it all inside ourselves!!! Every single one of us can fulfill and live their dreams. So can YOU!

Are you ready to reveal your gifts? Do you finally want to live your dreams? Are you prepared to transform whatever blocks or fears hold back your sacred treasures? Don’t waste more time dreaming, worrying, being sad or frustrated. Take the next step to a more fulfilled life that you have always been dreaming of. I would be delighted to accompany you on that beautiful and transformative journey.

Please contact me on for more detailed information: info@intuitivekatja.com

Dancing wherever I can - connecting to nature through is so powerful.

Dancing wherever I can - connecting to nature through is so powerful.