Never say never – you don´t know what happens around the corner.


I have been a vegetarian since being a teenager and also vegan for some years. I had decided to stop eating meat when I saw my grandparents killing their farm animals for food and I knew, that I didn’t want to have my animal friends on a plate. All these years I never missed eating meat and I was convinced that I would never be touching meat again.

During my pregnancy I felt the need to start eating a bit of fish once in a while (luckily we live by rivers where trout is being caught freshly). In general I listened carefully to my body so that I would eat very nutritiously.

My baby was born healthily and I was very proud that the breast feeding started working easily and smoothly. But something seemed to be wrong, because I would be feeding my little boy for hours and he would only sleep very short moments. What was I doing wrong? Oh, the typical mum question! Trying to connect intuitively didn’t give me answers either. I was too tired and exhausted. (I will talk about intuition as a mother in another post!)  

I followed suggestions of drinking cacao shell tea, almond milk and fennel tea for better milk production and although I drank liters during the day, my baby still felt hungry. After a couple of weeks we had entered into a vicious circle: my baby was sleeping too little and crying a lot and I lacked so much sleep by then. No remedy had worked and finally, the best way for milk production is SLEEP! In despair I contacted my midwife, who told me the following: “You can either try a couple more remedies, but I believe the best would be if you started to drink broth from cow joints NOW.” And here I was, the strongly convinced vegetarian and intuitive animal communicator, who needed to decide between giving up my principles or giving artificial milk formula to guarantee the healthy development of my baby. I didn´t think twice. Milk powder was not an option for me if I had a chance to avoid it. And I really wanted from the bottom of my heart to breastfeed my child.

Half an hour later my husband prepared the broth, trying to make it as delicious as possible by adding quinoa, lots of cumin and vegetables. Because it wasn´t only about eating it, I also had to enjoy it as well as eat it with faith, pleasure and love. The positive outcome was noticed within a couple of hours! (Funny enough, there used to be a joke between my husband and me, whether we should bring up our child vegetarian or give him the choice to decide. I guess he had decided already very early in his human life – at least for now.)

I know that there are many women in the world who are vegetarian or even vegan and are breast feeding successfully, but I guess my body needed meat. Furthermore this drastic change had a spiritual meaning for me as well: it grounded me tremendously and I guess I needed it to be a mother now. For many years I was more connected to the non-physical world and with that experience I became aware that I needed to be here and now, rooted deeply into the ground of the physical world if I wanted to protect my child, if I wanted him to be strong, present and well.

I also realized that NOTHING is ever absolute, everything has its time and now I hold a strong, healthy and big boy in my arms. Many are surprised about his size and weight. Especially the Peruvian mamitas in the market keep telling me, that I must have excellent breast milk to have a baby so well developed. Isn´t it ironic? Of course it is most important for me, that the animal has had a moral and happy life – if it is anyhow possible. Luckily, I don´t need to eat meat every day anymore, my body lets me know, when it is time again.

I am telling this story with humility and unconditional love, because it made me realize once again that it is so important to respect EVERYTHING what we consume, no matter whether we nurture our body with water, a plant or an animal. Enjoy everything with consciousness, love and gratitude! Don´t judge, neither yourself nor others, because you never know what will happen next.

And has it affected my ability in intuitively connect with animals? - Not at all, because they are beings of unconditional love and understand my life path. THANK YOU!