Is it getting bloody?

“There will be blood”, this is how my dear friend and astrologer Michael Ofek describes the coming energy of tomorrow´s eclipse and full moon. Ohh, and do you also start feeling it in the air?: Do you feel the stomach tightening, the heart racing or tears already filling up your eyes?

I am one of these people who are really sensitive to the moon energies. Generally I go for long walks, spend time with friends or do a ritual. This time it is different. It is the first full moon that I feel so powerful since having had my baby. Additionally I am alone at home at the moment as my husband is away for a while, and I must admit that we have been managing the situation really well until now.

But today I woke up, knowing that I need to do something with my tension, which had been building up over the last couple of days. So I decided to put my dogs and baby in the car to go for a nice hike by the river (something that always really helps me – water energy is so cleansing and healing!). After five minutes walking, my son started crying and wouldn´t stop any more. Nothing calmed him down and there was no other option than returning towards town. Calling my dogs, they came back from their short run, but two of them filthy - having rolled completely in some awfully stinking poo. I couldn´t believe it!! I had promised a friend to drop by to get some of her delicious cake (also a great helper to calm or better said deathen dense energy) but with Yaku crying and two stinking dogs I had no other option than driving home.

I was in a desperate state of screaming and crying myself – something I am good at and used to doing when being immersed in this kind of intense energy. – But had I not been reborn, had I not quit with my past stories and drama since my childs birth?! (read more here) Yes I have! There is nothing to cry or scream about, all is flowing perfectly in my life, I feel blessed and supported! I don´t want to (re)act like in the past anymore, I need and want to be strong because I am strong and want to be an example to my son! So we went home and I just held my baby in my arms connecting our hearts - breathing, feeling love, peace and quietness – and releasing without any distraction or drama. - So, no bloody experience. Thank you, Yaku!

And now it is time to clean my stinky dogs with calmness.

How do you deal with moon energies?